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Best Play by DC Theater Arts Best of 2014

Best Director by DC Theater Arts Best of 2014

Best 5 Plays of 2014 by Washington City Paper

49th Annual Theatre Arts Guild Awards Nominations
Outstanding Drama Production
Outstanding Achievement in Directing
Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Design
Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design


An Immersive theatre that you have never experienced before. The entire performance—from the moment when the audience step cross the church entrance until they exist the building— is a ritual journey. They witness, breath, and walk in the parallel worlds and encounter the characters and creatures.When you enter the world of Kwaidan, put aside the prevalent notion or commonsense, and let your latent instinct be awaken. Feel through your guts.  "The production makes imaginative use of the church's space. Scenes take place in hallways and staircases. Two back-to-back scenes take place in a meeting hall, with its wooden chairs gathered into a pile and tied together to serve as scenery."

"Director Izumi Ashizawa packs some fetching coups de théâtre into 'Kwaidan,' an ingeniously devised and well-executed Japanese ghost-story fantasia"---Washington Post


"Izumi Ashizawa has created a gut-wrenching realm of discovery where commonsense is thrown aside and your latent instincts are awakened."---DC Metro Theater Arts


“The show conjures up an otherworldly atmosphere that makes it intoxicating.”---Washington City Paper


“Anyone interested in an amazing evening at the theater – an unusual one that is difficult to describe – must see KWAIDAN… The sensation of traveling to a mysterious place, half in light and half in shadow, and not fully a part of the physical world, is the reason to attend KWAIDAN. I almost believed that I, too, had left the earthly plane, along with the characters.”---Broadway World


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